DC 2 June 7-11: ages 5-11 FULL, PSL Bus FULL   |   DC 3 June 14-18: ALL AGES FULL, PSL Bus FULL   |   DC 4 June 21-25: ages 5-11 FULL

DC 5 June 28-Jul 2: ages 5-11 FULL  |  DC 7 JUL 12-16: all ages full  |  DC 8 JUL 19-23: AGES 5-11 FULL, PSL Bus FULL


Day Camp

Ages 5-14 • $120/week

Send your child to Day Camp and experience a summer like no other, Day Camp offers a wide-range of activities to keep your children entertained and well-supervised during the summer. Choose one week or more! Each week of Day Camp runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. You may drop off your child at camp or for an additional fee, you may use our bus service to Fort Pierce or Port St. Lucie (see Drop off/Pick up Times & Locations for details). Campers are grouped together by age (as of September 1st) and will not be able to switch groups.

Drop off/pick up times & locations

Bus service is available for day campers. The fee for bus service is $20 per week, per child. you must pre-register and pay this fee ahead of time (see Parent Information for refund and cancellation policy). As always, you may choose to drop off and pick up your child from camp for no additional fee. All campers must be check in and out daily by a staff member. The Camper will be released only to a designated person(s) listed on your registration form.

LFYC Day Camp ENtrance

located off 12th St. between 82nd Ave. & 74th Ave.
Vero Beach

Drop off: 7:00-9:00 am
Pick up: 4:00-5:30 pm

Fort Pierce Rotary Park Bus

Creative Playground located at South 23rd St. & Virginia Ave.
Fort Pierce

Drop off: 7:45 am
Pick up: 5:15 pm

Port St. Lucie Walmart Bus

1675 NW St. Lucie West Blvd
Port St. Lucie

Drop off: 7:45 am
Pick up: 4:45 pm

What to Bring for Day Camp

  • lunch: Day campers need to bring their own bag lunch or sign up for the Free Lunch program on each Monday (see Day camp Parent Information for details). Campers bringing their own luch must bring it in a disposable gallon size Ziploc bag with child’s name, age, and gender clearly marked on it. No lunch bags or coolers are allowed. All lunches will be refrigerated.
  • swimsuit (one piece for girls)
  • towel
  • water bottle (refill stations located throughout camp)
  • sunscreen
  • shoes & shirts required at all times (see dress code)
  • small backpack to carry their items

Leave at Home

  • cell phones, media devices, any electronics
  • toys, comic books, collecting cards (example: Pokemon)
  • knives, guns, cigarettes, vaporizers, alcohol, or drugs
  • skateboards, roller blades, skate shoes, fishing poles, pets

LFYC will not be responsible or liable for any valuables brought to camp.

Day Camp Dress Code

Dress code will be strictly enforced. Consequences for violated the dress code may include warning, suspension, or the parent bringing a change of clothes to camp. Responsibility for the dress and appearance of the camper rests primarily with the parents/guardians; they are expected to monitor camper dress/packing before coming to camp.

Modesty is expected.

  • All shorts must extend beyond finger length or mid-thigh, whichever is longer. No spandex or tight fitting shorts.
  • Girls Shirts/Dresses: No mid-drifts, halter, strapless, or spaghetti straps. Straps should be at least one inch wide. Make sure tops are not too low—avoid exposing cleavage. Girls who need them, wear bras. Shirts that expose the mid-drift area while standing, sitting, or reaching are not acceptable.
  • Girls Dresses/Skirts must be knee length or longer.
  • The size of shirts or pants should be appropriate to the camper’s body size and shall not be unduly oversized or undersized.
  • Pants must be worn above the hipbone—no undergarments visible.


Each week five, six, and seven year olds are pre-assigned their activities. They will be with the same counselors all day and led to their activities as a group. Campers eight and up will choose an activity track. Activity tracks will include a variety of the activities listed here and the campers will be guided by their Track Leader to all activities. Groups will be as follows: All eight and nine year olds together, all ten and eleven year olds together, all twelve and up together. (Age is as of September 1st). Camper safety is of great importance when planning and implementing all activities.

ages 5+

Arts & Crafts

a fun, creative, colorful break in the day

ages 5+


little singing, little dancing, little bible lesson, & sometimes more

ages 5+


paddle around the lake in a classic canoe & build some teamwork skills while you're at it

ages 5+

Gaga Dodgeball

gentler version of dodgeball played in an octagonal pit with only one ball

ages 5+

Noah's Barn

chickens, goats, and emus, oh my! AND MORE!

ages 5+

Paddle Boats

No rowing necessary for this boat—just use those leg muscles to pedal and propel this boat on the lake

ages 5+


free swim time in the swimming only portion of the lake

ages 5+


the classic waterslide with three "lanes" to choose from

ages 5-11

Bounce House

bounce, climb, and slide in our huge inflatable bounce house

ages 5-11


multi-level climbing web of fun

ages 5-9

Beginner Go-carts

kids hop in the passenger seat and go for a ride around our beginner track

ages 5-9

Lil' Tike Boats

single person boat powered by your arms

ages 5+


catch and release

ages 5+

Fun Bugs

skim across the water just like a water bug on these fun, body-motion powered watercraft

ages 5+

Game Room

ping pong, fooseball, air hockey, pool and more

ages 5+

Miniature Golf

putt around on our mini golf course

ages 8+

BB Guns

paper target BB Gun range

ages 8+

BMX Bikes

bicycle around camp

ages 8+

Climbing Wall

three different climbing sides at varying difficulty

ages 8+


single person kayak perfect for both beginners and advanced paddlers

ages 8+

Game Show

challenge your brain with fun trivia and games

ages 8+

Splash Zone

climb, jump, slide, and swing on the most fun water inflatables you can find

ages 8+

Track Attack

battle it out against other tracks in fun, active games

ages 8+

Yard Games

classic yard games

ages 10 & 11

Intermediate Go-carts

speed around our intermediate track

ages 10+


learn basic bow and arrow archery

ages 10+

Paddle Boarding

test your balance and give stand up paddle boarding a try

ages 10+

Water Carousel

go for a spin

ages 12+

Advanced Go-carts

speed around our advanced track

ages 12+


develop strategies or just make a run for it on the paintball field

Frequently Asked Questions


You have 4 options (registrations will not be accepted via phone, fax, or e-mail).

  1. Come to the camp’s front office during office hours and register using cash, check,
    money order, or credit card.
  2. Come to the camp’s front office after hours and put your registration form and deposit (cash, check, or money order) in the locked drop box.
  3. Print a registration form off our web-site, and mail it in with your deposit (check or money order).
  4. Register online using the “Register Online” link. If you choose to register online you will need to pay in full with a credit card.


Summer dates are listed on the second page of the registration form. The registration forms can be found on their respective Day Camp or Resident Camp pages.


Once weeks and/or busses are full, info will be posted on the site and can be found on all the summer camp pages—look for the link. This info can also be found on the registration forms.


We process registration forms in the order they are received. If a session you chose is full or if there is a problem with your registration, we will call you immediately. After the registration is processed, you will receive an email confirmation.


A cabin buddy request can be made on the registration form. We will guarantee 1 cabin buddy request as long as both kids are no more than 12 months apart in age AND the children have chosen each other. We can honor a 3rd buddy request as long as all 3 are within 12 months apart in age and all 3 have chosen each other. We will not guarantee groups larger than 3. If you have a group larger than 3 please split them into groups of 2 or 3.


View the second page of the registration form for camp fees. You can also find them on the web-site under “Summer Camp.”


We do not offer a sibling discount.


We do have a sponsorship program available. To apply for sponsorship contact the front office (772-567-2446 or in December and give them your e-mail or mailing address. The office will mail out ALL sponsorship applications on the same day in the month of January (usually the beginning of the 3rd week). Sponsorship will be given out according to the order the completed applications are received, each family’s situation, and the amount of funds we have to give out. Usually we can help with 50% of camp fees. After all of our funds are depleted we will keep up to 5 families on our waiting list (in case more funds come in).


It is not mandatory to tip your counselor, but if you would like to they appreciate it. Some parents choose to do a baked good or a gift card in lieu of cash. If you choose to do a gift card, please remember that many of the counselors are not local and they might not have access to all of the same businesses.


Day Campers are not allowed to bring cell phones to camp. Resident Campers will need to sign their cell phone in when checking into their cabin. Cell phones will be kept in the front office. Resident Campers will have the opportunity to call/text their parent during Resident Camp Recreation (R&R), weather permitting, Mon-Thurs between 4:00-5:00pm. This time will be limited to about 10-15 minutes. Please keep in mind that campers may use this time to check their email, social media, text, call home, etc. Any cell phones not signed in will be confiscated. Resident Campers will not be able to charge their phones throughout the week, make sure they are charged up before coming to camp and powered down every day.


Resident Campers are allowed to receive care packages. Please make sure their first AND last name, along with their cabin name is on the package. If you would like, you can drop off packages to the front office after you check your child in, please note the day you want your package delivered.


During the day for activities, the ratio is either 10 to 1 OR 12 to 1. If your child is a Resident Camper, the cabin ratio is 12 to 2.